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Atuin automatically adds itself as an autosuggest strategy.

If you’d like to override this, add your own config after ”$(atuin init zsh)” in your zshrc. auto-complete (Bash)

If is available when Atuin’s integration is loaded in Bash, Atuin automatically defines and registers an auto-complete source for the autosuggestion feature of

If you’d like to change the behavior, please overwrite the shell function ble/complete/auto-complete/source:atuin-history after eval "$(atuin init bash)" in your .bashrc.

If you would not like Atuin’s auto-complete source, please add the following setting after eval "$(atuin init bash)" in your .bashrc:

Terminal window
# bashrc (after eval "$(atuin init bash)")
ble/util/import/eval-after-load core-complete '
ble/array#remove _ble_complete_auto_source atuin-history'