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Syncing dotfiles

Atuin is building tooling for syncing dotfiles across machines, and making them easier to work with.

At the moment, we have support for configuring and syncing shell aliases for the following shells:

  • zsh
  • bash
  • fish
  • xonsh

Required config

Once Atuin is setup and installed, the following is required in your config file (~/.config/atuin/config.toml)

enabled = true

In a later release, this will be enabled by default.

Note: If you have not yet setup sync v2, please also add

records = true

to the same config file.



After creating or deleting an alias, remember to restart your shell!

Creating an alias

atuin dotfiles alias set NAME 'COMMAND'

For example, to alias k to be kubectl

atuin dotfiles alias set k 'kubectl'

or to alias ll to be ls -lah

atuin dotfiles alias set ll 'ls -lah'

Deleting an alias

Deleting an alias is as simple as:

atuin dotfiles alias delete NAME

For example, to delete the above alias k:

atuin dotfiles alias delete k

Listing aliases

You can list all aliases with:

atuin dotfiles alias list

Syncing and backing up aliases

If you have setup sync, then running

atuin sync

will backup your config to the server and sync it across machines.