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How do I remove the default up arrow binding?

Open your shell config file, find the line containing atuin init.

Add --disable-up-arrow


eval "$(atuin init zsh --disable-up-arrow)"

See key binding for more

How do I edit a command instead of running it immediately?

Press tab! By default, enter will execute a command, and tab will insert it ready for editing.

You can make enter edit a command by putting enter_accept = false into your config file (~/.config/atuin/config.toml)

How do I delete my account?

atuin account delete

This will delete your account, and all history.

I’ve forgotten my password! How can I reset it?

We don’t (yet) have a password reset system, as we don’t verify emails. This may change soon, but in the meantime so long as you’re still logged in on at least one account, it’s safe to delete and re-create the account.

We’re aware this isn’t optimal.